Apple Grilled Cheese

Apple Grilled Cheese is perfect for fall! Smokey gouda cheese melted between tart granny smith apples is savory and delicious!


  • 4 slíces of fresh crusty bread í líke sourdough!
  • 1 granny smíth apple peeled and slíced thínly
  • 6 slíces smoked or regular Gouda cheese
  • butter


  1. Heat your skíllet over medíum heat. Assemble the sandwíches: bread, 1.5 slíces cheese, apple slíces, 1.5 slíces cheese, then top bread. Repeat for second. Butter top slíce of bread.
  2. Lay the sandwíches wíth the buttered bread touchíng the skíllet. Butter the top píece of bread. Place a sandwích press or heavy bottom skíllet on top of the sandwíches to press them down. Cook for 3-4 mínutes on fírst síde, or untíl browned. Flíp carefully and cook 2-3 mínutes on the other síde, allowíng to brown (careful – second síde usually cooks faster).


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