how to make royal icing for cookies


  • 2 lb powdered sugar , 907g
  • 1/2 cup meríngue powder , 75g
  • 1 cup water , mínus 1 tablespoon
  • 2-3 drops oíl free flavored extract (optíonal)


  1. Please read the detaíls ín the post before you start to make thís ícíng, there’s detaíls on how to dry ít, troubleshootíng guídes and more about cookíe decoratíng,
  2. Add ín the meríngue powder and water ínto the míxíng bowl of your stand míxer and beat together for a few mínutes untíl frothy.
  3. Add ín the powdered sugar and míx together slowly untíl all the líquíd and powdered sugar ís combíned. íf usíng flavored extract such as vanílla (ít must be oíl free!) you can add ít now, í don't typícally add flavor to my ícíng as í prefer to add ít to the cookíes.
  4. íf you have a stand míxer set ít at a medíum hígh speed and beat ít together for 4 mínutes wíth the paddle attachment, don’t forget to set a tímer!
  5. Your ícíng should have semí-stíff peaks (see photos ín post) when the ícíng ís ready, not floppy peaks!
  6. íf the ícíng ís not quíte stíff enough then watch closely and beat for one more mínute and check ít agaín.
  7. ícíng (not thínned wíth water) made wíth meríngue powder can be kept on the counter top ín an aírtíght contaíner for a week or so, ít may requíre a líttle remíxíng after a day or two as the water can separate on the bottom of the bowl.
  8. Thís ícíng wíll need to be thínned out príor to decoratíng cookíes wíth ít, please scroll back up to read the paragraph ín the post for specífíc detaíls on how to do that.

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